Information System Design

When your information is harnessed to each user’s needs, great work gets done.

Information system design doesn’t have to be a compromise. Some systems deliver completed transactions, but leave you in the dark. Hospital beds are allocated. Queries are answered. But the system’s overall performance remains opaque. Whatever limited reports are generated don’t yield the insights you need to track performance, or meet your accountabilities.

Other systems generate reports, but fail to gain traction with your users. Interfaces are badly designed. Only a narrow subset of user requirements are addressed. The system never gains a foothold in your organisation. It fails to achieve the promised transformation or return on investment.

The Asura Alternative

We design systems that are fit for purpose at every level of your organisation and engineer ongoing value. And we do this by:

  1. Understanding your goals and environment: we seek to understand how the world looks from where you stand. Your goals and strategy. Your accountabilities and operating constraints. Based on this insight, we distil the acceptance criteria: what your system must do to achieve your goals.
  2. Clarifying core functional and non-functional requirements: we collaborate with you to clarify your needs. We ensure that all user-groups’ requirements have been captured, from end-users and systems administrators, up to senior executive stakeholders: what they each need from your system.
  3. Designing a comprehensive solution: we design information systems in context, factoring in any necessary changes to your business architecture, and working within your broader stakeholder environment.
  4. Managing change: we help you implement the design with whatever level of support you need, from consulting services through to assembling a dedicated team.

Through engaging with Asura, you gain confidence that the information system you implement is the best possible solution.