Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Make better decisions with greater confidence

Do you have the right information on hand, in time?

Data should reflect real-world situations, and fit your purpose. For many organisations, though, their data collection, management and reporting just aren’t delivering. Even organisations with sophisticated dashboard reports struggle with the same underlying issues:

  1. Gaps in the record: the stakeholders and providers you rely on don’t capture the information you need.
  2. Capture errors: there’s no data validation at the point of collection. Errors are corrected downstream, if at all.
  3. Relevance: the information you capture doesn’t speak to the things you’re trying to measure.
  4. Currency: the time between data captures, and the lag while it’s processed make information redundant before it’s released.

The results leave organisations in the dark: operating with obscured vision of external factors, and an inadequate account of your performance.

The Asura Alternative

Asura generates sources of valuable insight that reveal your environment and demonstrate performance. We do this by:

  1. Defining what to measure: finding one factor amidst the many that will best answer your question.
  2. Defining measurement approaches: the most efficient way of gathering data, and the collection interval that balances cost with the degree of accuracy.
  3. Defining validation rules: creating metadata which catches errors at point of entry, from input errors to data types.
  4. Creating reporting tools: dashboards that display relationships between factors, and surface emerging trends.

More fundamentally, data is the bedrock for any organisational transformation. Our business architecture or information system design projects often include a data component: a true account of your current state to inform decisions on where to go next.