Business Architecture

Is your organisation built to meet the challenges that you face?

Delivering better services demands more than just another IT product. We need better ways of doing business.

The ground has moved. Your new environment features shifting priorities, new policy drivers, and complex stakeholder sets. You’re expected to deliver the same levels of service – or greater – with constrained resources.

Current processes and structures may have lent stability in your old environment. But now they feel like ballast: hindering your progress towards new goals.

The Asura value

Just as an architect redesigns a building to fit a new purpose, Asura collaborates with you to redesign your organisation.

While IT projects are often our point of entry, we look beyond applications and hardware to reach a comprehensive systems view. We seek to answer the question: given your goals, how do your people and processes need to change?

As business architects, we bring the integrity that it takes to ask the hard questions, and the courage to ask the obvious ones:

  • Is your understanding of the problem complete?
  • Is the data adequate?
  • Why are things done this way, and can that change?
  • Where can your processes be streamlined, or better reported?
  • Who are the process owners and wider stakeholders, and how can they be engaged?
  • Given your mandate, what additional skillsets do you need, and what’s the best model for procuring them?

We are strongly committed to reaching your outcome, but not invested in the status quo. It’s this objectivity, coupled with experience and insight that equips us to help you redefine the way you work.