About Us

It’s often said that information is the lifeblood of an organisation. That’s true, but it’s only part of the picture. What’s missing is what happens to your information: how it’s created, where it’s stored, how it’s moved, and how it’s used.

That’s the missing element that Asura completes. We create enduring value by helping you get more from your information:

  • Better processes and structures
  • More reliable data
  • More responsive system design
  • Better-aligned projects.

The results: helping you achieve business outcomes that improve services for Australian communities.

Our people

Asura brings experienced professionals, each one a leader in their field. When you engage Asura, you gain direct access to senior project managers, requirements analysts and application developers. When Asura personnel are allocated to your project, the person you meet is the person who does the work.

You engage us in the way that makes the most sense for your organisation. We can deliver the project. We can improve the way work is done. Or we can do both, to leave you with a successful project and strengthened in-house capability.

Our approach

We adapt our approach for each client, but a typical process is:

  1. Briefing. You can describe your requirements in whatever level of detail you have. Or we consult with you to determine your needs and articulate the brief via a proposal.
  2. Discovery. We delve into the current state, define the problem, clarify outcomes and plan the way forward.
  3. Stakeholder and requirements analysis. We understand which stakeholders are to be consulted, then understand their business requirements.
  4. Solution Design. Design technical aspects of any solution, including implementation path.
  5. Solution build and test. We generate a more detailed design, often in tandem with the build phase, then test the solution against your acceptance criteria.
  6. Solution deployment: We train your users and support the change communications to encourage adoption.